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Design Damage and Mocks

Two recent articles that are well worth reading. First, from David Hansson: Test-induced design damage And a rebuttal from Bob Martin Test-Induced Design Damage? I think both articles make some good points. On this issue I tend to agree more … Continue reading

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The Power and Pain of Automated Tests

At my current shop we are relying very heavily on automated regression testing; unit, integration, system, anything we can automate. We also measure our code coverage during test runs as one way of monitoring their thoroughness. They’re also peer-reviewed. All … Continue reading

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The Importance of Parsimony

I’ve been working lately with the many and varied build systems provided by Microsoft. Ok, so “many and varied” may be an overstatement, but any number more than one is far, far too many… I’ve been trying to do two … Continue reading

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Reconsidering Unit Test Mocks

It’s a common practice when writing unit tests to create “mocks” for underlying system functionality. Mocks simulate the behavior of code that is used by the code being tested. (This can be contrasted with “scaffolding” which is conceptually code that … Continue reading

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