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Can we just say “Advice” instead of “Best Practices”?

Yeah, yeah, I know — what difference do the words make? A lot actually. “Best Practices” implies many things, including: There was some evaluation of multiple practices, and only these were deemed to be “best” by some unspecified but no … Continue reading

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Code Bootcamps Considered Harmful

To quote Charlie Brown, “AUGH!” This article is very depressing to me… I don’t think it is depressing that these people are getting good jobs. I think that’s just businesses being stupid and not understanding what it is they need … Continue reading

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Metrics: When the Numbers become the Goal

In general, I’m in favor of development teams gathering metrics. Metrics about your codebase or test execution times can tell you a lot, especially if you track them over time for trending. Metrics about your development process can help you … Continue reading

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What Do Students Know?

There is a lot of excitement about MOOCs these days, as well as conjecture about how higher education might look in the future. MIT is considering a more ala carte approach to structuring their programs. I think the increasing access … Continue reading

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Swearing Wrecks your Credibility

I was reading a good article yesterday. In fact, it was good enough that half-way through I recommended it via IM to the rest of my team, then kept reading. A bit further on, however, it changed and I regretted … Continue reading

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Words 2

  The Wikipedia entry for Typescript calls it a “strict superset” of Javascript. That makes no sense. A “strict┬ásubset” makes sense. Supersets can’t be strict. If they are not strict they are not supersets, they are variants. Sheesh.

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Not everything is a “journey”. Sometimes its just something someone does.

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