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Why all the hating on OO?

I think I finally figured out why there is so much disdain if not outright hate for Object-Oriented techniques these days. TLDR; OO is not well-suited to the prevailing need for client-server (i.e. web) applications. OO is essentially an extension … Continue reading

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A Framework for Evaluating Software Engineering Decisions

People of good will may disagree. This is just as true in software construction as in other areas of life. In life, you can agree to disagree and move on with your day, but in software construction a decision must … Continue reading

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Stop the Madness!

I just watched an interesting talk about using data values as natural program boundaries. Some valuable ideas, but the main thing that it made me think about was unrelated to the talk itself. I learned about this talk when I was at … Continue reading

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Can we just say “Advice” instead of “Best Practices”?

Yeah, yeah, I know — what difference do the words make? A lot actually. “Best Practices” implies many things, including: There was some evaluation of multiple practices, and only these were deemed to be “best” by some unspecified but no … Continue reading

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Code Bootcamps Considered Harmful

To quote Charlie Brown, “AUGH!” This article is very depressing to me… I don’t think it is depressing that these people are getting good jobs. I think that’s just businesses being stupid and not understanding what it is they need … Continue reading

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Metrics: When the Numbers become the Goal

In general, I’m in favor of development teams gathering metrics. Metrics about your codebase or test execution times can tell you a lot, especially if you track them over time for trending. Metrics about your development process can help you … Continue reading

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The Limits of Specifications

Most descriptions of software development processes begin with the idea that you have some notion of what you want to build. The degree of specificity varies. At the least precise is the very loose, one-sentence story point or “product idea”, and at the … Continue reading

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