Code Bootcamps Considered Harmful

To quote Charlie Brown, “AUGH!” This article is very depressing to me…

I don’t think it is depressing that these people are getting good jobs. I think that’s just businesses being stupid and not understanding what it is they need or they are getting. But what else is new on that front?

What is depressing to me is the implicit assumption that these short courses (24-week, or 30 hour, or whatever) can actually be compared in any meaningful way with a college education. Now I realize I may be in the current minority in believing that college is worthwhile, but how can a coding bootcamp or academy be viewed as equivalent to a structured course of study over 2 years (if we factor out the non-major portion of a degree program)? This is just rank obtuseness.

It’s not that I think bootcamps or code academies are bad, per se — I find coding interesting and engaging so I’m not surprised others do as well. However, there is a big difference between dabbling in a complex topic and training to do it!

My prediction is that within a few years the bootcamp bubble will pop and leave behind a mess of a) failed startups and b) failed projects at well-established, short-sighted companies.

And then they’ll have to call in the professionals to clean it up.

yay for us professionals…


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