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Microsoft Creeping Frameworks

I’ve used WCF for SOAP-based web services for many years and have generally been happy with it (configuration aside). I recently began looking into REST-based web services on WCF and was pleasantly surprised that it was a fairly straightforward extension … Continue reading

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Side-effects considered harmful?

One of the supposed advantages of the functional programming paradigm is that it avoids side-effects. By not having any mutable state, all side-effects are avoided. Well that’s an interesting property for a programming language. But is it a good property? … Continue reading

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Third-party software: To Use or Not To Use

In designing a new system (or sub-system) or an entire architecture, there is a fundamental and constant tension between building components yourself versus purchasing and/or adapting existing components from outside parties, whether commercial or open-source. In making this type of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Elemental Design Patterns

Elemental Design Patterns by Jason McC. Smith adds to the design patterns literature in a significant way; rather than building up more and more patterns that are more and more domain-specific, he breaks down even what are considered elemental design … Continue reading

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Calculating pi doesn’t make you an engineer…

I knew a manager who liked to view himself as one of the engineers. He talked with satisfaction about writing performance benchmarks and calculating pi. The implication was that he knew what development was all about because of this. But … Continue reading

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What’s so Wrong About Looping?

It seems there is a modern-day vendetta  in the programming community against the humble loop. It started with iterators, and then the C++ template library, where collections were traversed by a function and you had to plug in your little callback … Continue reading

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Personal Software Process — The Good, The Bad, and the SEI

I recently took the Personal Software Process (PSP) training governed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). The PSP is the process-for-the-individual that supports the Team Software Process (TSP). Both were created by the late Watts Humphrey. While it was relatively fresh … Continue reading

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